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The position of Finance Director requires an individual who is responsible, trustworthy, organized and a strong communicator. This role is twofold: the administrative aspect, working with SAO for reimbursement and money management, as well as the fundraising facet, where you plan events and fundraisers. The Director of Finance and Events must understand: how to make and manage a budget, how SAO transactions work (or be a quick learner), and the SAO requirements (or do appropriate research to understand requirements). This role does require a weekly time commitment, as well as diligence and awareness of necessary payments and deadlines, especially in the closing weeks of the semester. Becoming the Director of Finance, you will get out of this role what you put into it.

To be considered for this position, please answer the following questions in an email to


         BU Email Address:
  1. How many semesters have you been with Off The Cuff and what were your positions each semester? 
  2. Do you plan on going abroad in the future? If so, when? 
  3. Are you heavily involved in other clubs/activities on campus/in general? 
  4.  Why do you want to be the Director of Finance and Events? *
  5.  Do you have experience with the Student Activities Office (SAO)? *
  6.  Outline any experience you have that may be relevant to this position. *
  7.  What do you want to change about this role? *
  8.  What new ideas can you bring to this role? *
  9.  What types of fundraisers would you like to have for OTC? *
  10.  Why do you believe you would be a good fit for this position? *
Plan an event Off The Cuff could throw between January and May 2022. Please describe the event, the appeal, how to get students to participate/advertise, costs, and anything else you would like to include in the event. 
*To be considered for this position you must submit a supplement.
*Please format the subject line of your email as Director of Finance - Last Name, First Name
(It is very important that you enter this exact subject line or your application may not be received correctly).
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