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Off The Cuff is looking for a committed, passionate individual to join our Executive Board. While every Executive Board member is a leader, the role of the Editor-in-Chief is distinct — the editor needs to be versed in and focused on every area of publishing, from both print and online, to the strength of our community. The Editor is the conduit for many voices, including all of the Executive Board as well as staff, and therefore must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. This position will begin in the spring semester as assistant to the Editor, during which time the individual will work closely with the current editor, taking on responsibilities and training which will include: weekly Eboard meetings and workshopping with the rest of eboard, attending one meeting of each team, supervising and attending Off The Cuff events, working with SAO and more.

This position will progress into the full Editor-in-Chief position in the Fall semester. As such, all applicants must be present on campus for both semesters. Previous experience working with SAO is a plus but not required. As the applicant must be extremely passionate about Off The Cuff, previous experience within the magazine is required. The Editor, along with the Executive Board, represents the entirety of Off The Cuff, and therefore, needs to embody and encompass our mission wholly, even outside of our publication. If you believe you have the skills, dedication, positivity and enthusiasm to be the next Editor of Off The Cuff, apply below!

To be considered for this position, please answer the following questions in an email to
BU Email Address:
  1. Why are you applying to be Editor?
  2. What experience do you have leading a team?
  3. How do you feel about speaking in front of large groups of people?
  4. What does your schedule look like for the next several semesters?
  5. Are you thinking of studying abroad?
  6. Please list any experience you have in any of these fields:
    • Finance?
    • Brand Outreach?
    • Events?
    • PR/Marketing/Advertising?
    • Photography/Videography?
    • Creative Direction/Development?
    • Graphic Design?
  7. Have you worked with SAO?
  8. Are you involved in other extracurriculars?
  9. What is your favorite publication?
  10. What do you like about OTC? What don’t you like?
  11. What qualities do you have that make you a strong leader? A weak leader?
  12. How do you feel about making difficult decisions and disagreeing?
  13. What are you passionate about?
  14. What do you see for the future of OTC? What are aspects you believe should stay the same? What would you change? 
  15. What do you think becoming the editor of this publication could do for you?
*Please format the subject line of your email as Editor - Last Name, First Name
(It is very important that you enter this exact subject line or your application may not be received correctly).
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