See our applications below and email your responses to by Friday, September 16th, 2022! Attach your resume and/or any additional supplements if required for that position. Remember to include the name of the position as well as your first and last name in the subject line!

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Executive Board positions require dedication, passion, and humility. Each member spends countless hours every week working on this publication, be it planning, writing, editing, shooting, designing, etc. Those applying to join the executive board are those who understand the daily commitment and have the passion to consistently show up. E-Board is expected to supervise and attend all Off the Cuff events, SOA trainings, as well as support other clubs on campus. Each member focuses on their own role while also offering support to each other.  To join E-Board one must be extremely passionate about Off The Cuff and understand the staff from the ground up. As such it is recommended that one have previous experience on staff. 

*No longer seeking E-Board applicants for FW 2022.