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To be considered for this position, please answer the following questions in an email to


         BU Email Address:
  1. Please list any previous work/internship experience working in events. 
  2. Please list 3 ideas you have for promotional events Off The Cuff can organize/participate in. 
  3. How do you think Off The Cuff can better promote events?
  4. Please list 3 ideas you have for Off The Cuff that would raise money. 
  5. Why is Off The Cuff important to you?
  6. What leadership experience do you have, if any?
  7. Have you worked with SAO in the past? If so, please elaborate in what way?
*Please format the subject line of your email as Secretary - Last Name, First Name
(It is very important that you enter this exact subject line or your application may not be received correctly).
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