Off The Cuff is looking for individuals who are interested in styling. Stylists for Off The Cuff have a range of responsibilities, from attending fittings to styling for photoshoots and videos. While photoshoots have set themes, stylists are encouraged to be creative. No prior experience is required. Stylists must be comfortable using their own clothing for shoots. Stylists are required to attend both the fitting and shoot and do get to choose the shoot they wish to work on. 
To be considered for this position, please answer the following questions in an email to by Friday, September 16th:
Preferred Pronouns:
BU Email Address:
  1. If applicable, please attach your Instagram and/or social media links showcasing your styling.
  2. What experience do you have with styling? 
  3. What can you bring to Off The Cuff? 
  4. Who are your style inspirations? If applicable, attach Instagram links.
  5. What is your favorite brand and why?
  6. What is your favorite current trend?
  7. What decade or type of style do you constantly look back to?
  8. What do you think about the current state of fashion?
In addition to answering these questions, please do the following: 
  1. Style a friend (or friends) in three different outfits. Take high-resolution photos and attach them in the email. 
  2. Provide details on what brands your models are wearing, why you chose those brands in particular, what inspired the look, and what the concept is.
          *Applications submitted without a supplement will not be considered).
*Please format the subject line of your email as Stylist - First Name Last Name
(It is very important that you enter this exact subject line or your application may not be received correctly).