Off The Cuff is looking for creative, passionate, and tech-savvy individuals to join our Web Design Team. The Web Designer Team designs, develops, edits, and manages our publication’s website, presenting our curated content to the rest of the world. As a Web Designer, you will work closely with the Web Design Director as well as other members on the Web Design Team, and you will be able to pitch creative ideas and develop new strategies that best engage our online audience and enrich their experiences.
In addition, web designers will work closely with OTC’s Online Content Director and Marketing team to grow OTC’s brand name, and will have the opportunity to be directly involved with a variety of collaborative projects between writers, art directors, photographers, videographers, and more. Web designers are expected to attend OTC office hours, team meetings and workshops, execute under deadlines and communicate well, really care and take ownership of their works, and appreciate and respect other people’s works.
Web Designers should be creative-minded and forward-thinking, detail-oriented, and most importantly, be very hands-on and a team player. Prior web design/development experience and proficiency with site-creating tools, specifically Wix, are required for this position. 

To be considered for this position, please submit a resume and answer the following questions in an email to applications.offthecuffmag@gmail.com by Friday, September 16th:

Preferred Pronouns:
BU Email Address:
  1. If applicable, please attach a link to either your portfolio or a website/webpage you have designed to showcase your abilities in web design. 
  2. What experience do you have with Wix or other site-creating platforms? Please describe. 
  3. Describe one web design/development project you have worked on in the past. What was the project about and for? What was your specific role (if it was a team project)? What were some of the challenges you met during the process? Lessons you learned?
  4. Which aspects of OTC’s website do you particularly want to work on? (It may be putting out new written content, or visual, or multimedia content; it may be adding new functions to the website; it may also be working on the design and aesthetics of the website, revamping and reorganizing older content, reestablishing website newsletters, online shop, etc.; all are incredibly valuable works.)
  5. List 2-3 websites that impress or inspire you. (The websites you list may be publications, blogs, commercial, personal, etc.; at least one must be fashion- or art-related). If possible, briefly explain why you choose what you choose and highlight some design features/elements/concepts that stand out to you the most.
  6. Briefly describe any front-end coding knowledge or experience (Javascript, HTML, CSS) you may have. (Note: it is okay if you have none at all.)
  7. List 2-3 design features you like about OTC’s current website, and briefly explain why.
  8. Propose 2-3 changes or additions you would like to make to OTC’s current website, and briefly explain why you don’t like/would like to make changes to those features.
  9. What excites you the most about being a part of OTC’s Web Design team? What do you value the most about this position and what do you hope to gain from it?
 *Please format the subject line of your email as Web Designer - First Name Last Name
(It is very important that you enter this exact subject line or your supplement may not be received correctly).