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Early December, Paolo Moreno staged an impeccably crafted fashion show that showcased apparel from his brainchild, Antidote X, at Bijou Gold Room. Moreno previously hosted pop-ups in Wynwood District of Miami at exclusive shop, APPT. ONLY and local art gallery space, Market at Casablanc. Changing mediums, Moreno executed his first ever fashion show that exuded intensive

energy and cutting edge visuals. An ode to introspection, his show featured evocative sounds by Base 10 and prints from his previous collections: World Without Pain, User 99, Antidote. Tactical lab coats made a strong presence in the layered looks. In addition, Moreno debuted apparel from his most recent capsule, Internal Data. Aimed at reinterpreting street fashion and youthwear, Paolo Moreno

is not one who can sit idle. Moreno once again devoted himself to animating his pensive notions into Antidote X.



DECEMBER 26, 2018

Two years back, you partook in a summer gig in Milan with notable fashion photographer, Marco Glaviano, and accompanied him during Fashion Week. How has the internship contributed to

your overall growth and creative path?

It was another chance to see up close another side of the fashion industry. It offered me different forms of shooting and experimenting with various models and locations. I met photographers in Milan that I’ve been working with and plan on continuing to work with. I am seeing more content that isn’t released and that motivates me to raise the bar each time.

You mainly work with 35mm film and Super 8--how do these mediums of photography translate into your work?


I like film because I don’t have to edit. It’s OG. The mystery behind it--you don’t see the photos until you develop them in 1 or 2 weeks. A brand that does film and focus a lot on aesthetics is Aimé Leon Dore, a New York based brand.

When were you able to confidently say your company reached a brand status?

After we did the first photoshoot and collection, Vision. The lookbook we released was really good, and I think that’s when everyone noticed it wasn’t a start-up anymore. Since then, every collection has gotten better--aesthetics-wise and professionally.

You collaborated with Zakh Hyman (Base10) for the soundtrack of your show.


It started with a heart rate monitor, and that’s the cue for the nurses to walk in the same pace and symmetrically. The sound transformed to an interface sound effect we got. The focus was to align the sounds to the patient-nurse dynamic. We called a part of the soundtrack, “Ocean Walk.” All the models occupied the floor when you heard, “This is the antidote that cured my symptoms. Formulated by PM^2.”

 I met rapper, Geovonniex, in Los Angeles, since he was repping an Antidote X shirt. Your brand has reached people in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Miami.

Getting my clothes on the right people is sometimes the hard part. Geo was one of our models, and models are so important to me because they almost represent the brand. The models I choose are the target market. They dig photography, they like fashion, and they’re trippy.

What’s your next move with Antidote X?


I’m moving to London. I already have models lined up, and I want to start connecting and grow there. I want to collaborate with Places + Faces. They do a lot of film.


So why a fashion show?


I like implementing a variety of mediums for the personal experience and interactions. Some brands stick to just pop-ups or just online. Having an engaging and interpersonal connection with an audience through an event, boosts me up so much. Having done this show, it gives me another branch from my tree. Now, I know how to execute a fashion show. I know how many people I need, and how to hit people up. It’s all trial and error. There’s so many options and opportunities--why don’t you take advantage of that. Sometimes take a left instead of a right, and it’ll open your mind.

What are the underlying themes of your collections?


User 99 is based on a narrative on an unknown hacker that gets into our system. With that collection, we feature binary codes, finger prints, and scans. A World Without Pain emulates the feeling of seclusion, but Antidote is formulated by PM^2 (Paolo Moreno and his co-founder). Internal Data is based on internal thoughts, introspection. Impossible is a state of mind and us, humans, we have the most power, straight up. We’re all one, and you’re not so different from me.




Why do you believe humans possess the most power and potential?


Everything around us is made by humans. Apart from nature. Don’t constantly be doubting and don’t put a limit on yourself. Be more than what you see in the mirror. Don’t set limits on your capabilities and undervalue yourself for no reason. I would get caught up and say “damn, this isn’t good enough” or “are people going to like this?” Perfect example, one little idea turned into a whole show. When I have my own show, I thought I would want nurses to walk in with the beeping sound of a lab or a hospital. It grew from there. This was right after I saw the Alexander McQueen’s documentary, McQueen.  Joseph Neil told me to watch it, and he asked what I would do for my own fashion show. I told him and he said, “Bro, keep it going and don’t stop this creative flow.” Once you have this spark--it’s easy for it to die. But, once you add to this spark--it just gets bigger, and it’s harder for it to die.

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