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Two Poems by Ella

April 2, 2019

Written by Ella Rose Morgan


A drop of water drips from the faucet 

No one is there to hear it, to see it, to care. 

A slight tinge in the pattern of everyday existence, 

This drop falls and everything goes on. 

But inside, 

Inside that drop of water there is chaos. 

A catastrophic explosion in the pattern of everyday existence. 

A scream and crash to the ears that could never hear it. 

But it is still chaos, 

And chaos can be quiet. 


Never has a peach screamed on its stem. 

Its outer layer encased by the sun. 

It hangs from the tree, 

Silent in space. 

Swaying by the wind, 

Giving no sign of what is blooming inside. 

Because inside is overwhelming. 

Inside is sweet and bright, 

Screaming with light and waiting to be opened. 

The peach is built around chaos, 

And chaos can be quiet.

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