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'60s Surf Rock Band Sunroom to Headline at the Sinclair on November 2nd, 2022

Written by Charlotte Howard

October 30, 2022

Touring is exhilarating. Touring is also exhausting. Week after week, month after month, tour after tour, it all starts to pile up. As they groggily walked out of their hotel in Barcelona on their way to a major transcontinental flight, the four band members were, expectedly, tired. As Murphy’s law demands, what can go wrong, will go wrong, and somehow always at the worst time. As they walked into the van, their tired minds were forced into a rude awakening. Everything, from guitars and drums to miscellaneous cords and distortion pedals, were gone. Overnight, their van was broken into and they were robbed blind.

“All I had was basically clothes on my back,” said lead singer and guitarist of Sun Room band Luke Asgian. “Touring is the highest highs and lowest lows, but, it's so, like, heinous. All you can do is laugh about it and just, like, carry on.”

Life was chaotic and nomadic for the band, but that’s what the culture of touring seems to be. They were doing two tours back to back in 2020, opening for Irish Rock band Inhaler as well as for Louis Tomlinson.

Intimidation and nerves struck the band when they first opened for thousands of people in 2020 for Inhaler. Luke Asgian (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Ashton Minnich (lead guitar), Max Pinamonti (bass), and Gibby Anderson (drums) started in 2020 and only played for a couple of months together before going on tour.

“Sol de Sur,” “Clementine,” “Fun,” “Crashed My Bike,” and “Summer’s Here” are Sun Room’s five most popular songs on Spotify. With 339,454 Spotify monthly listeners, this band is skyrocketing. The best part is that it all started in Asgian’s childhood bedroom in quarantine.

When COVID-19 hit, Luke Asgian had to leave college and return to his parents’ house in Long Beach, California. Living in his childhood bedroom wasn’t quite what he expected for his early twenties. And so, he wrote. Little did he know at the time that his musical project would be now headlining tours.

All members fell in love with music at a young age; Anderson played at church camps over the U.S., Pinamonti grew up jamming with his dad on drums, Asgian played in garage bands growing up, and Minnich always loved rock, and got his first guitar when he was 7 years old.

Sun Room’s 2022 Tour has been everything that the boys expected. Opening for Inhaler and Tomlinson had prepared them to headline their tour. They kept being reminded, over and over that performing onstage is way different from recording in the studio.

“I’m just uptight and anal with recording,” said Asgian. “But with performing, it’s a rough set. Things are gonna go wrong. Strings break. It’s not a clean-cut pop performance, we gotta roll with the punches.”

Minnich finally could let go onstage when performing. “It’s my signature move not to talk,” he said. “I’m in my own world, and then I want to say a joke, but then I second guess and we're already moving on.”

Their electric energy onstage puts audience members in a warm and happy place. Their sound and energy leaves you feeling replenished and energetic. Sun Room records with Jazzcats, a Long Beach recording studio that opened in 2012. Asgian first started recording with Jazzcats in high school with his old band, Guest House.

Sun Room takes big inspiration from the sounds of ’60s garage bands along with others like Skeggs, The Sonics, Chocolate Watchband, Wallows, FIDLAR, Inhaler and more recently Daphne’s Couch.

Sun Room has been performing their new four song EP on tour, which will be released soon. When touring ends in November, they will be right back at Jazzcats to record new material.

“The tour ends just in time for Thanksgiving,” said Minnich.

If you are wishing like it was Summer again, just close your eyes and buy tickets to see Sun Room at The Sinclair this Wednesday, November 2. Tickets can be purchased at

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