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Eem Triplin: From Thirteen to Sold-Out

Written by Anna Welsh

February 6, 2024

Sixty second videos. Two-hundred-forty characters. Ten slide posts. Social media offers such a small window to reach such a wide audience. Instagram reels and TikTok videos have fostered a rise of social media artists, a subsection of the wildly popular influencer group. With a finger on the pulse of art, fashion, and now, music, artists are using these small tools for a great gain.

But, with the digital age that we live in today, many listeners find it difficult to connect with the artist; the presence an artist portrays on social media is the closest one will get to understanding the music creator.

Eem Triplin has found a way beyond this, relating to his fans outside of the screen. Triplin, a Pennsylvania native, has worked with artists such as $NOT, Cameron Azi, and WELCOMETOTHEENDZONE, all before his 23rd birthday. Finding a sweet spot at the intersection of rap and R&B, Triplin has reached over 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is currently on his “Still Pretty” North American tour.

I first discovered Eem Triplin’s music in an Instagram sound bite and was instantly attracted to his lyrical compositions that oozed emotion and empowerment. Perfect for basement hangouts with friends, long drives at night, or the dark, intimate theater of Brighton Music Hall (BMH), I find his music best enjoyed in a place where you can feel and truly think about the words he is saying.

With catchy beats and personal lyrics, Triplin’s fans resonate with his tune, while feeling a connection to him and his story. Many may know Triplin from Rolling Loud, an annual hip-hop festival in California. His performance in September to a mere crowd of thirteen made rounds in the online hip-hop scene, but stands as a testament to how far he has come.

According to an interview with Our Generation Music, Triplin attributes his success to the hours he spent cultivating a YouTube presence.  He is proud of his origins and passionate about his journey from the beginning of being an artist to today.

In his song “FEEL ABOUT ME,” Triplin writes “I had to run it up, I had no choice to go and get it / You wasn’t there to hold me from the start until the finish.” Triplin has always had the  energy and drive to achieve his goals and shares his ability to focus on himself and ignore the negativity that surrounds his success.

His sold-out show at Boston’s BMH on November 17, 2023 exuded just that. Featuring artists Wolfacejoeyy and Launtrezze, two friends of Triplin, the performance got the crowd energized and emotional from the moment the trio took the stage.

Over the span of the evening, mosh pits were formed, Instagram stories were posted, and hands were waved. Each performance was dynamic and interactive. Launtrezze lit up the crowd with phone flashlights. Artist Wolfacejoeyy sat on the stage and held a candid conversation with the audience. The small and rather intimate concert venue allowed Triplin to communicate his lyrics to his adoring fans. He offered a glimpse into his story and urged listeners to “not listen to what anybody says about you.” His high energy was matched by the crowd.

The majority of the fanbase at BMH were high school or college students. Two attendees shared that they were introduced to Triplin’s music through friends and were attracted to his music style as it shared a similar vibe with artists like Baby Keem, Mac Miller, and Playboi Carti.

Social media is an incredibly advantageous tool, allowing artists to reach young fans. Triplin himself credited these platforms to his success. On his Instagram, Triplin is candid and unposed, posting selfies and outfit shots. This vulnerability resonates with his Gen Z audience, and has made him a leader in an era of social media artists.

From an Instagram feed to a concert venue, Eem Triplin can be described as an inspirational artist with drive and ambition. As Triplin said himself, “look where it got me now.”

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