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Julia Fox Takes the Internet by Storm: Unveiling Her Top Ten Stunts

Written by Bill Le

March 29, 2023

Edward Berthelot for Vogue

Meet Julia Fox: the Multi-Talented Starlette Who Conquers Business, Acting, Modeling, and Motherhood.

Fox devoted 2022 to amusing both fans and critics alike with her off-putting charm.

Hot take after hot hake, the meme-making mastermind captivates us in her viral TikToks and interviews. You could call her a hustler making ends meet for her baby boy Valentino. You could call her a scrappy socialite, exploiting her star-studded power. What will Julia say next? What’s on Julia’s mind? As a modern, esoteric “it girl,” she does whatever she wants, whether that be sporting a skimpy two-piece made of belts to Milan Fashion Week or employing ex-boyfriend Ye as a firestorm-inducing publicity stunt.

Celebrities today are sterile and over-polished, lacking authenticity. Only masters of their craft can allure the way Fox does. Rejecting the male gaze and redefining hustle culture, you really don’t know what to expect from her.

Whether or not it’s all satire, Fox’s commitment to being an anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchy troll is as admirable as it is infuriating to her haters. Here are ten times Miss. Fox stunted the public.

1. When she galvanized millions with “Unkuh Geeeeemmmmms”

In an interview with Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper, she uniquely pronounced the film with an aggressive vocal fry: “Unkuh Geeeeemmmmms.”

“Unkuh Geeeeemmmmms” went viral leading to thousands of mocking iterations from Shay Mitchell to Cara Delevingne. The thick valley girl accent Fox possesses is strangely off-putting yet charismatic to many.

One commenter wrote, “Everything I've learned about Julia Fox has been against my will."

When you’re Julia Fox, you can’t help but attract attention and virality. This oft-mocked moment was just the start of her big break on the interwebs.

2. When she employed Ye as her PR boyfriend

“Why not see me for what I am which is a #1 hustler,” she wrote after breaking up with rapper Ye, otherwise known as Kanye.

Juli-ye (Julia + Ye) was an unexpected coupling to occur in 2022. But it happened and was a peculiar moment to say the least.

It should be noted that Ye’s swarm of hateful, destructive anti-semetic comments recently led to his deplatforming.

3. When she engineered a “man repellant”

Fox is committed to avoiding the male-gaze by bleaching her eyebrows regularly. She shared how to do away with men through the simple erasure of one’s eyebrows in a TikTok tutorial.

The repellant is highly effective because her ex-husband gets “so triggered” by her eyebrows, she said.

Many might be disturbed by her eyebrows, but Fox would argue that that’s the point. The same outrageousness that dumbfounds the Internet is precisely her cup of tea.

4. When she flaunted her cat eyes on the red carpet

No stranger to ingenious fashion statements, Fox smudged black eyeshadow on her lids, donned a leather grip dress, and sauntered onto the Vanity Fair’s 2022 Oscar Party red carpet. Add avant-garde makeup artist to her list of titles.

“I actually did it myself. Yeah…,” she proudly boasts in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Amidst online debates about the look, Fox posted a tutorial on how to recreate her look,  reclaiming the narrative herself.

Fox is a do-it-yourself kind of girl.

5. When she advocated for mini-mops and mini-brooms for children

…to teach them discipline, of course.

“I thought that the idea of childhood was invented as a way to get parents to just spend a lot of money on s***,” she proclaimed in a TikTok outlining her thoughts on parenting.

The Internet blew up in flames with thousands of posts, articles, and comments reacting to the video. Many argued that kids should be allowed to be kids.

And just like that, Fox once again caught the eyes of all.

6. When she innovated a beach towel into a “end-of-the-world fashion” dress

Fox flexed her shapeshifting skills on a TikTok tutorial reaching 1.5 million views.

She upcycled a tropical blue towel into a stylish poncho dress, pairing it with biker sunglasses and leather gloves and boots.

Her classification of this style was “end-of-the-world fashion.” With global warming and climate change on the rise, the world will soon need Fox’s resource-effective sensibilities.

7. When she declared that being “ugly” and “old” is in vogue

Simple as that. According to Fox, being “ugly” and “old” is in.

“Being old is f******* hot,” she said.

That’s revolutionary considering how disposable older women are considered in Hollywood.

8. When she plotted her masterpiece memoir

Yes, she is in fact writing a memoir and it just dropped. Purchase it now.

It’s a “masterpiece” she told Variety.

9. When she jabbed at capitali

“Capitalism extorts women,” she proclaimed while baby Valentino whined into the frame.

She said that in a deleted TikTok responding to a fan asking her how she navigates her career being neurodivergent.

Every now and then, Fox will take a candid video of herself with a hard-hitting hottake. Some people disagree, some people agree.

She posts anyway, though perhaps it’s a bit contradictory given her super star status. Contradiction is part of her appeal.

10. When she toured her humble abode to her adoring fans and haters

Fox shared a down-to-Earth tour of her small apartment in NYC. Many viewers were taken aback, as they expected her to be a wealthy millionaire.

“I know I’m gonna get roasted, and whatever, but hopefully maybe someone can watch this and be like, ‘Okay, maybe I’m not doing so bad,’” she said.

Intrigued and itching for more Julia Fox? Browse her on TikTok and Instagram as @JuliaFox.

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