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Lissie With Her Power of Vulnerability At The Carving Canyons Tour

Written by Maderlin Weng and Willow Bullington

November 22, 2022

Country folk artist Lissie brought her Carving Canyons tour to Boston on November 3rd. In partnership with Fenway recording studios, we were able to experience the magical music of the long-time live performer Lissie.

Hours before Lissie was expected to take the stage, fans stood eager to get inside and meet Lissie. An older couple stood in the front of the line, and when I mentioned Lissie's name, the woman's face lit up. A warm smile made their excitement to talk about Lissie clear. The husband, a long-time super fan, came prepared for the show with a digital camera in one hand and a copy of the Carving Canyons vinyl in the other. “I’ve been to thirty shows of hers and drove from state to state,” he said. The couple went on to explain that they had road tripped across the country to attend many of Lissie’s shows. The couple was not alone in their excitement, however,

“She introduced me to Lissie two years ago,” said another couple, and while being in their 20’s, the couple said they had been fans for a decade. Lissie’s loyal following comes with no surprise. With her Stevie Nicks esqe voice, country folk-inspired style, and great musicianship, Lissie connects crowds in an incomparable way.

Cat Clyde, a young Canada-based artist who opened for Lissie, delivered a powerful performance, combining deep soulful blues and sweet folk music to create a unique, almost nostalgic sound. The young singer draws you in like a moth to a flame. And as the venue filled with people, the crowd grew increasingly electric.

Opening with the powerful ballad, Carrying Canyons, Lissie set the stage with Unravel for the emotion-filled journey the album embarks on. She described the heartbreak that inspired her album, “it goes through the arc of sadness acceptance then hope.” Lissie takes her listeners through her heartbreak. The album is like a tug of war trying to mourn love lost while learning to open yourself up to new opportunities.

“You just have to feel all of your feelings tonight,” Lissie regarded before beginning  Sleepwalking, a song that compares life beyond her current pain to a dream.  Lissie set the bar high for the rest of her set. “They can tell I've been Sleepwalking/Dreams talking/Telling myself that/“Soon, I will be feeling alright,”/Have you been cheap thrilling/And free-wheeling?” The lyrics in Sleepwalking emphasize the isolation that comes with such deep agony, the loneliness and sorrow imprison you, making it impossible to conceive a world without sadness.

Each time Lissie opened her mouth, it felt as if the crowd leaned forward, holding on to every word she said. Despite the grievous tone of the album, Lissie’s excitement to perform and connect with her fans was evident. Lissie described her joy to be back on stage and performing.

The artist’s presence drew the audience in, highlighting the warmth of the venue itself. It felt as if everyone in the audience leaned forward the moment she started talking. She described her joy to be able to perform live again and, more importantly, to be back in Boston. She then goes on to reflect back on when she wrote the album, the mix of sadness, anger, and confusion that is depicted in her songs. Yet as the album progresses, these emotions end up serving as a vessel for hope so that, in spite of her hopelessness, she can find clarity.

Love grows by sharing, whether for Lissie or the people close to them. The artist expressed her vulnerability through her music, which made her listeners feel seen. Lissie has married the beauty and impact of songs, creating an unforgettable experience.

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