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REVIEW: Quarters of Change at Brighton Music Hall

Written by Isabella Rivera

March 24, 2023

The first encounter I had with Quarters of Change, an up and coming indie/alternative rock band, was during the summertime in my best friend’s convertible driving around with no other plans than to spend all day at the beach. Their music is taking the indie/alternative rock scene by storm, making anthem after anthem for those classic summer nights. Attending Quarters of Change’s first headliner tour in snowy Boston, I was both flooded with good memories and in awe of the raw talent and eclectic performance given by the New York City natives.

With a sold out show sponsored by Fenway Recording Studios, Quarters of Change is a band with a growth trajectory that continues to skyrocket. The four members, Ben Roter, Ben Acker, Jasper Harris, and Attila Anrather, all have combined their talents to create music that resonates with fans from all over the world. Still up and coming,

Quarters of Change’s bandmates are more like family. Growing up playing sports and attending highschool together, they exude familiarity on stage. Their chemistry, deeply rooted in their long history as friends, can be felt during their high energy musical performances. They seemingly read each other's minds on stage and clearly feed off each other's energy; this chemistry and connection has them positioned to be future rockstars.

The band has molded and shaped their sound in a way that creates an undeniable sense of nostalgia. Their collective performance was strong with provocative guitar solos and lots of passion from the lead singer. Fans, like Reggie, a BU student, revealed that these guitar solos were one of their favorite parts, “Their guitar solos remind me of famous guitar players like Jimi Hendrix, in the way they are minutes long.”

In an interview with Ben Roter, the band’s lead singer, we discussed the band’s musical process. Ben informed me that each member plays a role in creating. Ben explained that most of their songs are inspired by the band’s need to get their emotions out, “Lyrics come after, inspired by what emotions the song gives off.” With Ben’s powerful vocals and their guitars’ Jasper and Ben’s urgent harmonies, you can feel their collective feelings unleashed. They tap into raw talent and a familial bond that can be felt through their music.

Quarters of Change is positioned to be one of those groups of artists, as their bonds with each other are strong, and their musicality and edgy performance feels nostalgic, only strengthening their bonds with fans. Their most streamed songs, “T Love” and “Kiwi” are definitely worth listening to.

The Fenway Recordings Sessions is a concert series that’s been happening in Boston since 2004. Hosted by Fenway Recordings founder, Mark Kates, the series features some of today’s biggest and most interesting indie bands in the city’s best small live venues. The hundreds of artists that have played under the Sessions banner in nearly the past 2 decades include Diplo, fun., Alt-J, Ellie Goulding, The Wombats, Tegan and Sara, Hot Chip, Cold War Kids, Echo and the Bunnymen, Femi Kuti, Fountains of Wayne and Fenway artists from Mission of Burma to MGMT to The Cribs. They are nearing the 500th Session show, and the series continues to be a source for fresh live music in the city of Boston.

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