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These Fans are Dedicated to California Surf Band “Sun Room”

Written by Charlotte Howard

November 12, 2022

Photography by Logan DiVerniero

There were waves of people squished next to each other like sardines waiting for the California surf rock band Sun Room to lift their grey days and put a smile on their face. Concerts are weird but in a good way. They gather a group of people that work together. People always say that the more familiar their music taste is with someone, the more likely they will get along. People are less on edge.

People talk at concerts.

It’s most likely because their guards are down, which could be related to the energy in the crowd or maybe some gin and tonics. But, there’s beauty in meeting people in a small compact venue: you all bond over how uncomfortable you are, squished together. For two hours, you aren’t worried about your next assignment, work call, stressor or kids. That’s why the gaggle of three girls, all from ages 17-20 met in line at Royale Wednesday, November 2nd. One girl missed all of her classes to be in line at 11 am. Mind you, the band usually goes on at around 9 pm. That’s dedication right there. Another one took two buses and a train to commute to the venue. She traveled even farther the next day to see them in New York. That’s dedication right there. All these girls met in line.

“My favorite is Luke,” one said. “No, Ashton is the best.” “Honestly I’m all for Max.” “Gibby, though,” another one argued.

Luke Asgian (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Ashton Minnich (lead guitar), Max Pinamonti (bass), and Gibby Anderson (drums) started Sun Room in 2020. They performed at Royale Wednesday, November 2nd, which was their first headline tour. Previously, they opened for Louis Tomlinson as well as Irish rock band Inhaler.

These four girls were pressed against the barricade, which means they did some pushing and some shoving. One girl showed me her bruise and proceeded to tell me that it was rough out here, but worth every shove.

People are forgiving at concerts. That sounds ironic, after coming from a story of pushing and shoving. But people are more forgiving in the sense of time. People are forgiving of time, because they have nowhere to be. They got their babysitter until midnight, they got their calendar time blocked off. No one is in a time crunch at a concert. Everyone adapts a little bit more patience, which is hard to get in today’s day and age. Notifications left and right, but everything just slows down at concerts.

People walk out a little more refreshed, a little more sunkissed without the sun. California Surf Band Sun Room did that for all of their fans, especially the first row full of girls screaming for the lead singer, Luke Asgian to marry each one of them, separately of course. Before Sun Room came onstage, local Boston band Bedsweater got the energy rolling. They were high energy and had a good sound. It felt like watching four high school boys jam out together in their garage before their mom called them in for meatloaf. Bedsweater gave a warming and reassuring stage presence which was a perfect preview for Sun Room.

Everyone was ready. Sun Room came onstage, and I stood in between the crowd and band, with a secret weapon of my Canon camera with an extra long lens so people were convinced I was a professional photographer. One of the girls held up a brightly lit neon sign, saying “I LOVE STRIPED SHIRT LUKE.” Clearly, she had a favorite member. She told me that she wished he would wear his striped shirt more, it was her favorite. Maybe he threw it out…

There was a lot of clapping and screaming while the stage was dimly lit before the boys made an entrance. Lead singer Asgian and guitarist Minnich entered onstage in matching grey suits. Wonder what that was about.

Asgian gripped the microphone and started singing. The crowd went crazy. The boys performance included their top hits, Clementine, Sol De Sur, Crashed my Bike and many more. They played their new EP, which will be released in the next month or so. Sun Room played New York City the next night. Their tour ends November 19, but the boys will be back in the studio recording.

Fans left the concert feeling a little more optimistic from Sun Room. In conclusion, if you haven’t been to a concert recently, take a look at local shows nearby. Everyone needs a little break from reality, and that’s what Sun Room did for fans when they came to Boston.

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