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DECEMBER 10, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many negatives, but mask-wearing does not have to be one of them. Many people view masks as a burden we need to put up with, but I like to view them as a fashion statement that protects others and ourselves. Once I found the right masks, I began to enjoy wearing them and matching them with my outfits. Almost everywhere is selling masks at this point, so I’ve rounded up the places I think have the cutest masks! 


The masks I wear almost every day are from Johnny Was. I really can’t overstate how much I love these masks! They’re comfy, cute, breathable, and protective — which is pretty much everything I look for in a mask. Most of their masks come in packs of five, and the packs I love and wear are the Johnny Was Silk Charmeuse mask pack, the Johnny Was Pink Silk mask pack, and the Johnny Was Solid Embroidered mask pack. The silk charmeuse masks have a pattern or design on them, the pink silk masks have a pink pattern or design on them, and the solid embroidered masks are just as their name suggests, a solid color with embroidery. These masks have a pocket for a filter if you wish to put one in — I always do to be extra safe. Each mask is slightly different in size and cut, and when you order them, you don’t know which five designs you are going to get. Not only are Johnny Was masks great, but some of them are made out of repurposed fabric, which I love.


Although I love my masks from Johnny Was, they aren’t the only ones I wear. I have a couple of masks from Brixton I like. The Brixton masks I wear are the Antimicrobial 4-Way Stretch Face Masks. These masks come in some cute prints and solid colors, have a pocket for a filter, and have a nose piece. I don’t love nose pieces on masks because I think they make it harder to breathe, but I know many people like them. I also have a Boston Terrier mask from Etsy that I think looks like Boston University’s mascot. The mask is adjustable, triple-layered, and super cute!


Kenzie Morris, a second-year Boston University student, recently started her own clothing line, Kinetic by Kenz, and she is selling customizable tie-dyed masks. I have a couple of her masks, and they are super cute and comfy! Kenzie said she likes to wear her “vibrant” masks with activewear and loungewear and that you can match her masks to the crewnecks and hoodies she sells on her website. 


“Vibrant masks can really bring out personality,” Kenzie said. “And I think that style really helps bring out one’s identity.”


I also asked a couple of my friends where they shop for masks. They suggested Anthropology, Lizard Thicket, and Aritzia. Anthropology has a relatively large selection of really cute masks, Lizard Thicket has a small but adorable selection of masks, and Aritzia has a somewhat large selection of solid color masks. 


The best part about wearing masks is incorporating them into your outfits! If I’m wearing a pattern, I usually go for a solid colored mask. When picking between my solid color masks, I choose a color that matches one of the colors I’m wearing or that looks good with the colors I’m wearing. I’ll sometimes wear a patterned mask with patterned clothing if the patterns look good together or if the patterns kind of match (which is rare). If I’m wearing solid colors, I usually go for a patterned mask. I sometimes try to pick a patterned mask that has one of the colors I’m wearing, but other times I just pick the pattern I think will look best with my outfit. Wearing a patterned mask with solid color clothing is a great way to make your outfit more interesting!


The best way to make a fashion statement right now is through your masks because it’s often the first thing people will notice about your outfit. Masks can make any fashion statement you want, and there’s a wide variety of masks to choose from, so there’s bound to be a few that really fit your style and the statement you are trying to make. Masks are a way to express yourself and your style in a time that has made it difficult for us to express ourselves in other ways. So, have fun with your masks and get creative! 


Here’s some Off The Cuff members rocking their mask/outfit duos!

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